Tidworth Root 1 Race Series, Round 1 - April 30, 2017

The day started with my alarm going off at 6am, I woke up feeling good & looking forward to finally riding my trail bike (something I don't get to do very much)

I arrived at tidworth freeride just as practice started. I got myself quickly signed on & with my timing chip I took a steady walk up the track with other team member Jo Mc Allister & checked the track out on the walk up.

The track was everything I dislike in a trail, lots of flat corners & lots of peddling. I must admit these are the kind of tracks I tend to stay away from being a downhiller.
We took a steady roll down to check lines & everything seemed pretty good, i only managed 1 practice run before it was time to head up for first race run.
I dropped into the track, and started to have good flow, got half way down the course & got red flagged, so had to walk back to the top for a re-run, once back at the top I started again but new it was going to be hard as I had used most of my energy in the run before.
I put in a reasonable time but new I could do better, 2nd run I went out to hard & stalled in pretty much every corner.
My 3rd run started really well until the 3rd to last left hand corner, it was like a sand pit & my front wheel just washed from under me, I scrambled back onto my bike & got to the finish, looking at my time I finished the same as my 2nd run 1.35 I felt good on my last run & if I hadn't of crashed I may have made podium, but hey that's just racing for you.
You never know how it's going to turn out.

Well done to all the dame team, Kelli Salone, Mel Nice, jo mc allister & maddie salone-Howell

Massive thanks to all our sponsors for the help over the season.

Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 2, Harthill

Feeling nervous as I drove to the race venue Sunday morning. I couldn't make it on the Saturday to practice, so I got to Harthill early ready to get a few practice runs in before the racing started.

The track was totally different to the first round with a lot more jumps in & even a pro line if you felt brave enough lol

I went up with team mates John & Mel to show me the lines as they had rode here before. Track was very sandy & I felt like the yeti just wasn't planted enough, so I had a play with tire pressure & suspension before the motos started.
I surprised myself in the motos with a 1st,3rd, 1st and I made it through to A finals.
I finished the day over all in 4th. Was super stoked to have made the podium with such tight racing from all the ladies that day.

Unfortunately I can't make the 3rd round as I'm racing downhill at the 2nd round of the Pearce series, but I am Looking forward to the 4th round at Redhill on the 18th June. 
So come along & support the team or even if you fancy a go yourself the dames are always around for support. 😁 

British 4x series, Round 1, Chicksands

Sunday morning started with a 4am start for me, with a long drive in very heavy rain to the first round of the British 4x series at chicksands.
With not having raced 4x before I was apprehensive as to what the day was going to bring as it's set out very different to Downhill racing.

After a few wet practice runs I started to get a little flow going & decided to rest & fuel up ready for my first Moto.
I had never been so nervous on a start gate before especially with 3 other girls by my side, all hoping to get a better start then one another.
I had lots of sketchy moments drifting round corners, I managed to get through to B finals which I was super happy about.
I came away that day with a 6th in my first ever 4x race so I was super chuffed with that.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next round has to offer on another totally new track to me 😁

Massive well done to team manager Kelli Salone on 4th.
Also sick to ride with other team mates Mel,John & Maddie who all smashed it 👊🏼

Also like to thank all the sponsors for keeping us looking cool on the track.


Forest of Dean Mini Downhill 26th Feb

Saturday started with meeting 2 ladies new to riding who had entered there first race. Myself & Kelli Salone met them at the cafe before heading up the hill to take a look at the following days race track which was Endo.

After never riding the track before I was a little apprehensive to say the least.
It started of real, flat out nice & flowy corners, after dropping onto the fire road, that's when it became interesting.
Lots of wet, off camber slippy roots!!!!!
2nd attempted resulted in a massive off for me as I tried to stay on the high line....
After feeling a little sore & fragile I decided to call it a day & just help the other ladies with us.

Sunday morning started with me being sore, stiff from my crash & outside being soaking wet from the rain the night before.
After a practice run I decided to wait for first race runs.

First run was a steady one, just wanted to get a time put down then give it my all in the next one.

2nd run- track had dried out quite a lot but the roots were more exposed then ever, I some how managed to shave 6 seconds of my first run with a unclean run, which resulted in me taking 3rd overall that day in my first ever masters race.

Well done to all the ladies that raced but especially the new ones you smashed it on such a hard track.

Thanks to all my sponsors.

Chicksands - Dual Race - Feb 5, 2017

So I thought I would start my first race of the season with a different style of riding to what I normally ride, so I entered myself into the Dual slalom race at Chicksands with a few of my new team mates and was looking forward to giving it my all.

Unsure how everything worked with dual slalom Kelli Salone kindly offered me the use of her Yetti 4X bike while she tried her new transition out for good measure.

Sunday morning started with an early start ready to be at the race venue for 8am practice but unfortunately that got delayed due to a few problems with the start gate as it was so cold the gate kept sticking. Once sorted seeding got underway, Kelli Salone seeding 2nd and me 3rd going into the knock out stages.

John Lord unfortunately got paired with one of the top guys in his category and got knocked out in the early stages.

With very tight racing I managed to bag myself a 3rd on the podium with Kelli Salone taking  2nd and little Maddie Salone-Howell taking 3rd in the rippers at her first ever race.

Overall it was a great experience and was awesome to see so many other girls there, for most of them it was there first race. Well done Ladies you all did amazing.

Massive thanks to all our sponsors, I'm looking forward to trying out other disciplines of riding in the near future.