Tidworth Hooper Hooner 2017 - Nov 19

Back for the 5th year the Hooner is a classic end of season D/H event .

This course is a challenge for any rider especially when wet but the most fun event to end on
I especially love this event as I get to see lots of old faces from the olden days and get to talk and remissness of olden times gone past. 
The energy on the hill is not to be missed and there's plenty on encouragement be it shouting , cheering, cowbells or chainsaws. ( yes you read that right) 
Team Dame Cycling / Quidne IT once again had the Gazebo up in the pits with an open invitation for any of the ladies racing to come and hang out and use as a base. 
We had our guest riders too, meaning lucky ladies got the chance to be sponsored for the day. 
This time we had:

  • Sara Packer
  • Queenie Waterman 
  • Leticia Jade

Quidne IT and Dame where also doing the prizes down to 5th in the senior category. 
Big thanks to Kali Protectives for the first place Maya enduro helmet, Bespoke brewing Co for the best cider in the land, TrueStart for the more than needed coffee bars
And Dame and Quidne IT for the clothing prizes for each of the riders.
The girls pulled some great results out the bag. Please go to the race reports and read what our guest riders have been up too. 
I'd like to say massive thanks to all our Sponsors that have helped out during the race season and helped out with all the fantastic prizes at the Tidworth Freeride and root1 racing 4 race sires. 
And big thanks to Quidne IT who have been a big part of Dame Cycling success helping and encouraging ladies to "give it a go" by offering Help, Support and a base .

If you haven't tried the Hooner then give it a go..... see you there next year.

Massive thanks, Magura, BBB, Buff, renthal, bespoke brewing co, Kali, weldtite, oneil, Kask, 

Tidworth Roots Racing series, Round 2 Race Report

This was the second round of the Tidworth race sires. 
Dame cycling /Quidne IT race team help Sponsor the event and it was great to see yet again a great turn out of ladies racing.  
The course was so much fun and I was gutted I couldn't ride it like I wanted as I was still carrying the shoulder injury from Fort William pro tour 4x.
I spent most of the practice time riding down the course with Maddy and making sure she was happy. 
I did one practice flat out for myself and the course felt great and loads of fun. My type of riding , but my shoulder was screaming when I got to the bottom. 
I decided to just do 1 race run out the 3 and see where I came as I didn't want to risk the shoulder I finished the day with second. You can't grumble at that. 

Thanks to all the sponsors.
Thanks Quidne IT for the support. 


Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 3, Afan Race Report

I finished the weekend with a 2nd. 
Which was unexpected as I'm not a fan of Afan. 
I had history with that track , I learnt trying to crack rocks with your face doesn't work.  :-/ 
But the sun was shining and everyone in the family 4x spirit. 
We had Jo Macalister riding in a dame jersey to and she did a great job. 
Maddy and Pippa rode the course well too which surprised me. 

Massive thanks to DameCycling /Quidne-iT race team

Thanks to all our Sponsores.


Tidworth Root 1 Race Series, Round 1 - April 30, 2017

This race at Tidworth , was one I was really looking forward too. 
As well as racing with team Dame girls and Maddy my daughter we also had tones of first time lady racers turn up. All to have a go at there first race. 
And quite a few were Dame Members from the Forest of Dean. 

Tidworth never disappoint and Dame Cycling / Quidne IT were helping to Sponsor the event.  

It was a great days racing and I finished the day with a second. And Maddy got podium too in the under 9s category. 

I was so proud of how all the girls mucked in and helped each other.  Everyone was making noises that they would be doing the rest of the series too. So don't leave it to long before you enter ladies. 

Dame Cycling / Quidne-iT will be doing the prizes again , and I have to say , in my opinion We do the best prizes. Lol. 

As always big thanks to all the sponsors that support dame. 

And for this race , extra thanks to Buff-Uk for the prizes.  :) 


Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 2, Harthill

Wow what a fantastic place.  
Tones to do there, from trampolines to foam pits to half pipes to 4x tracks. 
Check it out. 
So my 4X weekend was a disaster, but that's racing. 

Was only at the top of the track on my first practice run down when I had an off.  
I dug the bike into what I thought was a lovely tight fast burm, to find it was loose and supper soft.
Bike dug in and sunk and I went over the bars. 
In true scorpion back style with the classic clunk on the back of my head by my bike, just to remind me how stilly I was.  
So lesson number 1. Track walk.   

Unfortunately come Sunday I could hardly walk.  So my weekend was over.  

But the team did an awesome job. 
And I'm super proud of Madison Salone Howell for her race.  
Check out there race reports.  

Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 1, Chicksands

I love chicksands. 

Such an awesome place , everyone is super friendly and the place is always really well kept , and the first round of the British 4x sires was no exception.

Ok, it was wet. But actually not that cold and everyone in really good spirits.

We had a full race team on board with , Ami, Mel ,John , Maddy and Pip. (Our new recruit)

The track was super wet, but super fun, and watching the fast boys either wash out or just stick it hard into the berms kicking up water and sand was awesome to watch. I think the spectators enjoyed the day's events too. 

I managed to pull a 2nd, 2nd and a 1st out the bag Followed by a 2nd and a 4th in the final. 
I was happy with that. 

Massive well done to the rest of the team, Ami pulling a 7th out the bag , Mel had a stack causing her to sit out of the final that she had qualified in.

John did well , and Maddy and Pippa both in the Rippers category did awesome against the boys. Pipa got thorough to the final , and Maddy didn't quite make it through, but I'm super proud of her efforts.

Well done team Dame Cycling /Quidne IT for a awesome start to the rest of the 4x season.

Big thanks as always to our main sponsors and team Dame Partner Quidne IT And all our our sponsors who sort us out kit. 

Magura, Bespoke Brewing Co, Buff, Kali Protectives, O'Neal racing, Renthal-Cycling,Velotec UK, Weldtite & ride2Love.Dating


Chicksands - Dual Race - Feb 5, 2017

First race of the season with my new team mates.
The dual is such a fun event.
We rocked up at 8am and it was Cold.

Big thanks to Phil Potts for help setting up the gazebo
Despite a 8.30 start time, practice started late, racing even later and gate problems meant delayed races.

The seeding runs were fun, but then I had around a 3hr wait till my race. But eventually we got going.
Was a good race with a nice battle at the end with Fay Jordan. Be it in the dark. Discovered I may need glasses for night riding as I couldn't see a thing.

At the end of the day I got 2nd with a couple of slide out sketchy moments.

Congratulations to my team mates Ami Grindley 3rd place John Lord who was unfortunately knocked out. And Maddy Salone_Howell who got 3rd.

Big thanks to all who organised the event at Chicksands, the timing guys and gate guys and all the marshals.

Thanks to my sponsors