Tidworth Roots Racing series, Round 3 Race Report

Sunday was the final round of the 3 round series.
I was a bit nervous as I had no idea what the track was going to be like.
But when we got there I was really happy.
My mum went down with me for 2 practice runs and I went down on my own for the 3rd.
I was happy that I could do this.

I decided on my actual race I was going to ride it with out mum following me, but then I found out phoebes dad was following her so I thought I'd better have mum follow me.

My first round went well, but I got beat by jenna so I needed to get fast on my next run.
I asked mum if I could race the next one on my own as jenna was doing it on her own.
She agreed and I KNOCKED 15 SECONDS OFF MY TIME. just shows having your mum behind you being very vocal all the way down isn't always faster. Lol.

I was in the lead after that race. I just needed to keep it for the next race.
Unfortunately I just lost it again which ment I finished the day second, but on a good note I finished the series, 1st.
Mum had some awesome prizes she had got from BBB Cycling and Buff-UK so I was really happy.

And for the overall race series Mitchell's cycles in Swindon gave me a £35 VOUCHER and some smith goggles.
I love being part of the Dame Cycling /Quidne-IT race team.
I love seeing all my friends and my mums friends and we have lots of fun in the Dame Gazebo.
Massive well done to Phoebe Potts and Jenna Rabani who got overall 2nd and 3rd in the series.

Maddy - DSC_0443.JPG

Tidworth Roots Racing series, Round 2 Race Report


I love racing at Tidworth and I look forward to meeting up and riding with Pheobe.  
The course was really fun, no tree roots this time, but lots of tight turns . 
Practise was good and I was feeling positive about my race.  

Race one, I crashed big and my bike was all bent. 
Someone straitened it and turned my bars for me.  A big thank you the person helping get the bike sorted but I cried all the way down :( 

But my next race was great. I took 32 seconds of my first time. 

I ended the day with podium first in my category and was really happy. 

Thank you Sponsors. 

Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 3, Afan Race Report

Afan was the most scary track so far. 
I didn't realise that we were actually going to be riding over the rocks.  
My favourite part of the track was after the rock garden. The bottom of the track was really flowey. 

There were 3 girls but we still raced with the boys.  
I was the youngest. 
Pipa my team mate did well.  
She got 7th and I got 8th. 

I'm looking forward to the next race at Redhill. 
Thank you to our Sponsors. 


Tidworth Root 1 Race Series, Round 1 - April 30, 2017

This race was fun, although when I got there I was a bit freaked out. 
I did the course and had it in my head I couldn't do it.  

Mum got really moody

I went back to the pits and met with my friend Pheoby who was also racing , she told me she was getting off and running over the tricky rooty sections , so that made me feel better as long as my mum would let me do that. 

She did. 
So I did. 

I really enjoyed my 2 race runs and did a lot better in my first run down. 

I got a podium second. 
I'm looking forward to the next race 


Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 2, Harthill

My second 4x race. 
Harthill was quite a scary track for me to start with.  
The first bump as you looked down the track was scary but once you road it it was fun. 
But after lots of practice runs I got the hang of it. It was a fun track. 

I had one scary moment when my tyre got stuck in a crack. I crashed, when I got going again I didn't realise my bars had spun round and I did the rest of the course trying to break with my thumbs.  
That was scary.  

I finished the day with 8 th
After making it into the B final.

Maddi - 1.png

Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 1, Chicksands

This was my first 4x race. I was so nervous when I saw that I was practicing on the track with all the grown ups. And racing the boys.

At first I really didn't want to race I was so nervous. I was practicing with Pipa who was also racing in my category.

The more we practiced the more I started to enjoy it. I did really well in all my races but did not get into the finals.I was super gutted as I was really enjoying myself at this point.

I'm really looking forward to racing the next one.

I was really good to hear from a dad that his daughter has seen me and Pipa racing and she was hassling her day that she wants to give it a go , This is great. More girls in the rippers category and to practice with.

Big thanks to my sponsors Dame Cycling and Quidne IT. 


Chicksands - Dual Race - Feb 5, 2017

I was really excited to do my first race at Chicksands.
I knew the course as we had practiced there a few weeks before.

I was a little nervous as there was not a girls category so I would be racing the boys. But I am used to it to because of BMXing.

I was looking forward to seeing my friends Phoebe and Pipa, and there was another girl racing too called Amelia.

It was a really cold day and we had to wait around 5hrs before our race.
But we spent a lot of that digging in the sand and trying to build a den.

I put in a really fast seeding time making me the 3rd fastest time.
Racing was fun and I came 3rd.

Congratulations to my girl friends racing too.

Thank you to everyone for your help.

Thank you to the team sponsors