Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 1, Chicksands

This was my first 4x race. I was so nervous when I saw that I was practicing on the track with all the grown ups. And racing the boys.

At first I really didn't want to race I was so nervous. I was practicing with Pipa who was also racing in my category.

The more we practiced the more I started to enjoy it. I did really well in all my races but did not get into the finals.I was super gutted as I was really enjoying myself at this point.

I'm really looking forward to racing the next one.

I was really good to hear from a dad that his daughter has seen me and Pipa racing and she was hassling her day that she wants to give it a go , This is great. More girls in the rippers category and to practice with.

Big thanks to my sponsors Dame Cycling and Quidne IT.