Tidworth Roots Racing series, Round 3 Race Report

Sunday was the final round of the 3 round series.
I was a bit nervous as I had no idea what the track was going to be like.
But when we got there I was really happy.
My mum went down with me for 2 practice runs and I went down on my own for the 3rd.
I was happy that I could do this.

I decided on my actual race I was going to ride it with out mum following me, but then I found out phoebes dad was following her so I thought I'd better have mum follow me.

My first round went well, but I got beat by jenna so I needed to get fast on my next run.
I asked mum if I could race the next one on my own as jenna was doing it on her own.
She agreed and I KNOCKED 15 SECONDS OFF MY TIME. just shows having your mum behind you being very vocal all the way down isn't always faster. Lol.

I was in the lead after that race. I just needed to keep it for the next race.
Unfortunately I just lost it again which ment I finished the day second, but on a good note I finished the series, 1st.
Mum had some awesome prizes she had got from BBB Cycling and Buff-UK so I was really happy.

And for the overall race series Mitchell's cycles in Swindon gave me a £35 VOUCHER and some smith goggles.
I love being part of the Dame Cycling /Quidne-IT race team.
I love seeing all my friends and my mums friends and we have lots of fun in the Dame Gazebo.
Massive well done to Phoebe Potts and Jenna Rabani who got overall 2nd and 3rd in the series.

Maddy - DSC_0443.JPG