Schwable British 4X Series, Round 5 & National Championship, Moelfre Race Report

I was really looking forward to the national champs at Moelfre. 
The track was challenging and really hard going. 
But it's the same for everyone I though.  
I decided to get my leg over and get on with it. 

I was on fire and started to really enjoy the track. 
I gave the race everything I had and needed a lie down at the end of it all. 

I was well happy to get 3rd in the national champs. 
The following day was the HBS 4x series. 
Again a great days racing.  

Thanks to Dame Cycling/Quidne IT for the continued support. 
And all our other sponsors. 


Tidworth Roots Racing series, Round 2 Race Report

I was looking forward to a good race at Tidworth , they always put on a good event. 
I got there late with my team mate John , new I should of gone to bed earlier and maybe drank a bit less. 
When we arrived I only had time for 1 practice but there were 3 race runs so it wasn't so bad. 
The course was great fun. I decided to just do the 2 runs down as the was suffering in the sun I finished the day with a 6th out of 7

Massive thanks as always to my Sponsors Dame Cycling /Quidne IT. 


Schwable British 4X Series, Round 4, Redhill Race Report

Redhill, my home track, my favourite track! 
Lots of fast and fun racing with a great turn out of rad ladies!

I got a 2nd, 1st(yeaaahhh) and 3rd in my motos. Came 2nd in the semi finals and made my way to the A-Final as the awesome Tyde had a crash which is a shame as she raced incredibly and deserved the win but i guess thats just racing! 

After a lot of chilling in the sun (minis a few showers) i was knackered by the finals but I got a 4th and made 4th place on the podium! 

It was an awesome day and I was happy with the way I rode so all good in the hood! 

Looking forward to a weekend away at Moelfre! Yeaaahh :) 

Mel - 20170625_175617.jpg

Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 1, Chicksands

Position: 8th

Feeling before the Race: “ I really wish the heavens would close up and this torrential rain stops as I am not sure how easy staying up-right is going to be in this weather! I have absolutely no clue what to expect of this track but I've heard great things! Cant wait to see everyone!

After a Long Road Trip with Fellow Dame John Lord, we were greeted by Kelli & Ami when we got there- Kelli bearing Gifts: The New Dame Jersey! ( Looks wicked! Thank you!) and other Gifts from Generous Sponsors (Thank you O’Neal, Buff, Magura, Bespoke Brewery & Quidne IT).

Practice runs were great, was loving the track, the jumps were awesome and the rain seemed to be holding off…. Until…. Gate Practice started and it started going a little downhill from there (No pun Intended) Hadn't done a gate since Harthill and I just was not getting the balance at all!

Got a 3rd, 2nd & then a great big knock on my 3rd moto when I went to take Claire on the Inside Line of slushy Mud and my excitement was cut short by a hard knock to my heard and left side- I felt slightly appeased when I watched videos back from that day and saw many other riders came of on the same corner. However I came away with an extremely bruised body and ego and realisation I have a lot of practice to put in!

Was Great to meet Rachel Karina Powis and loved having Ami Grindly in the team.

Oooh and thanks to Bespoke Brewery Cider for helping to heal my wounds when I got home, it is lush!

Next round is Harthill which is my favourite so Ill be pack to practicing and watch this space!

Big thanks to all our Sponsors