Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 3, Afan Race Report

We arrived at Afan on Saturday evening so I got to look at the track before riding on Sunday .  It scared me . The rocks were so big and it was really rough and lose.
On Sunday I had a really good practice making sure I had my lines .
Me and Maddy practiced together making it fun.
The races went really well I gated the boys in my first race and finished 2nd which was great . The push back to the top was really hard and hot work. I qualified again for the B final trying my hardest I managed to finish 3rd right behind 2nd place. This result meant I finished 7th again. After a really scary day I went home tired and very happy .
Thank you everyone who helped and all the team sponsors.


Schwalbe British 4X Series, Round 2, Harthill

This was my first visit to Harthill but was able to practice the day before to get used to the really fast track.
It was a long push back to the start but once I was riding really enjoyed it.
I loved the fast corners  and the jumps but found it hard against the boys but i got in the B Finals .I was really happy to come out with 7th place.

Thank you everyone who helped and all the team sponsors